Online Education for Seamless Learning

The development of the World Wide Web has definitely bridged a lot of gaps in the human civilization. With web enabled services creating a parallel universe, almost everything around us now has its virtual web based foil. No matter whether you talk about online payments, reservations, shopping, socialization, or any other offering of the internet, it’s safe to say that the internet has greatly facilitated our lives in numerous ways with one of the most remarkable offering being online education.Web based tools and resources have enabled several innovative minds to setup online education system. Unlike earlier times when people had to especially take time out to get them educated, web based education system does not have any such requisite. By opting for an online degree over its traditional counterpart, we can now have the freedom to choose our study hours, making online colleges the ideal place for us to complete our education without compromising on any part of our daily regime.Online degree colleges use web-based learning or e-learning methodologies instead of the conventional ways. Offerings of the internet such as live webinars, recorder webinars or on-demand videos, video conferencing, instant messaging, slide sharing, and many other tools are used to impart world class education to the students. And with the study material saved on a web based server, students have the freedom to use the resources as and when they find the required time slot.All reputed names in the online education business offer internationally accredited online degrees after assessing the students enrolled by the virtue of online exams. However, degrees are awarded to students only if they successfully clear the online assessment. Failing to which, they have to prepare again for the exam in order to receive the desired degree. Once they are able to clear the assessment, the degree is shipped directly to their doorstep or they receive it as a soft copy.With the rise in the demand of accredited online degrees, a large number of firms have emerged aimed at offering online education. Unfortunately, the excess in the number of online colleges makes the task of choosing the best of the lot a bit difficult for the aspirants. However, analyzing the results delivered by suitable contenders in the past may give you a fair idea about their proficiency. Hence, always check the reviews received by the shortlisted online colleges before making your final pick.

Traffic From Social Networks

The rising popularity of social networking Websites offers very good opportunities for online business owners to get free traffic. Getting traffic from social networks has become a very powerful business tool. People of all ages frequent social networking Websites and it is natural for any online marketer to make use of this medium.There are several advantages of using social networks for marketing and getting traffic from social networks:1. You can easily find people having similar interests in one place.2. The traffic from social networks can be targeted by gender and demographics. So, if you have a business or product about video gaming, you can target males of a certain age group. This is a huge advantage for business owners, as they can directly market to their target potential customers.3. You can get loyal traffic from social networks because the people on your profile will know you and trust you.4. Networks these days have more than one million members worldwide and thus, present an amazing opportunity for online business owners to market their business to people from all over the world. Social networking Websites are a great way to increase the visibility of your Website or blog. You can create a page for your business and post regular updates on it for your followers.5. Networking Websites don’t just offer the ability to reach out to masses. They also offer other more personal services such as chatting and mailing. You can use these to effectively communicate with people and generate traffic from social networks.Now let’s look at some strategies that will help you get traffic from social networks:1. Post your Website link and a description of your product or business on your profile page. Your profile is the first thing that your new contacts will see, so make sure they see your Website link along with your other personal information. This way you will definitely get some curious traffic from social networks.2. There is another interesting way to use your profile to get traffic from social networks. Profiles on social networking websites are searchable. Therefore, if you type in videogames in the search option, you will find a large number of profiles of people who are interested in videogames. You can send a bulk message to these people about your videogame related product along with the link to your Website. It is very likely that they will click on it and visit your Website.3. Join or start a group that discusses latest trends and other generic information related to your niche.

Energy Education and the Consumer

Household Energy Consumption and Successful Energy EducationBehavior ChoicesTwo homes constructed the same year, sitting on the same city block, with similar households, can have vastly different energy costs. The furnace can be the same and the water heaters carbon copies, but one household can effectively control their homes energy costs and the other household produces an energy bill, shamefully, out of control.This is about insulation levels and how well the ducts are sealed, but it is even more about household behavior, energy education, and putting your best, energy-saving, foot forward. This is about parents passing down environmental concerns and expectations to their children and then to grandchildren. It’s about people that lived through the great depression and know the benefit of reducing waste and living with less because that was the only choice.One thing I’ve wondered, is it easier for a rural farmer, who picks tomatoes and corn out of his own garden, to be energy wise and interested in controlling energy consumption, or is it easier for the Central Park native that buys food from an asphalt fruit stand to understand the importance of conservation? Do you need to know how many tits a cow has before you can be frugal with a gallon of milk?Which household is more apt to have had the benefit of ongoing parental household energy education? Is it the farmer, as a result of being close to nature and the environment, likely to be the energy saver and need less energy education? On the other hand, perhaps the person that lives in the high rise is more aware of energy consumption and the amount of power it takes to keep a big city running.Energy educators and power companies have a big job as they work to provide energy education to all kinds of households. Since every household has the potential for both saving energy and reducing energy waste, the energy education challenge is to design a program that can be successful for all households. The gentleman farmer that lives by the creek in the green valley can benefit from energy education and the bank teller in the duplex by central park can also.If people are aware of energy-saving tools and behaviors, they can, within limits, control their energy consumption and curb energy waste. Consumer education then becomes one of the most cost-effective conservation measures available. Educators work to bring consumer education to the people in four essential areas. The subjects remain pretty much the same, but the approach may vary according to house location, income status, and resident EducationEnergy ED and Behavioral Decisions:Behavioral decisions is the Energy Educators biggest challenge when providing household energy education. It is the biggest challenge – yet the area with the most potential. People are simply set-in-their-ways and making behavioral changes is a slow and difficult task. How do you get a person to take a shorter shower with a low-flow shower head when they are accustom to relaxing for hours under the hot flow of water with enough water pressure to make a noticeable divot in the skin? The person feels slighted and abused. After all, just how much energy does it take to run a darn shower for an extra twenty minutes anyway?To change energy wasting behavior, educators try to make a direct connection between the shower they love and the power bill they hate. People learn from their own experiences and their own power bill. Ideal learning opportunities occur when residents make a decision, perform a task or behavior, and do it with their wallet in one hand and their power bill in the other. The educator is often more successful at getting the behavior changed if it is connected directly to the power bill.Therefore, to change energy behavior, the household needs to have power bill education and a complete understanding of the information that is available on almost all monthly statements. To connect real dollars and cents to behavior is the best way to change wasteful behavior.Energy ED and Comfort Perceptions:Basic ComfortsWhenever my daughter complains about a simple hardship, like having to walk home from school in 50 degree weather, I mention her ancestors and the Oregon Trail. If walking home in mild weather was a true hardship, we would still be living in Europe somewhere with everybody else.A lot of people would like to throw the energy educator out the door the minute they mention 68 degrees and thermostat in the same sentence. Are we all getting ridiculously soft or are the comfort levels we have come to expect simply a dividend of having someone else live in a covered wagon for 4 months.The energy educator needs to take a two fold approach here. One is to re-train the household into realizing that some comfort expectations are not really needed comforts and the second is to point out that the lack of comfort can have more to do with the lack of air sealing then the setting on the thermostat.Once the household blames comfort problems on the lack of insulation and the holes in the heating ducts instead of the size of the furnace and the out-of-adjustment thermostat, the household can get back to saving energy in comfort.Energy ED and Household Operation:Chances are if you don’t know what the brake pedal does and where it is located, you shouldn’t be trying to drive the car. You can get in the car, stick your elbow out the window, start the car rolling down the road, but it’s all going to be wasted when you can’t get the car stopped. Remember, car insurance covers dents and missing bumpers, but home insurance doesn’t cover energy waste.Energy education needs to provide training on where your homes brakes are located and how to use them. Only with an understanding of basic home energy systems, can the household use those systems in a more energy efficient manner.The challenge of the energy educator is to provide the household with a basic understanding of how their homes energy systems work and how they work with each other. With the broad differences in homes spanning more than a hundred years, this is no easy task for the educator.The educator is like the child with a huge, connect-the-dots puzzle in front of them. The educator completes the challenge by connecting all the energy system dots in a home until they make a complete picture that is understood by the household.MaintenanceEnergy ED and System Maintenance:Now that the Energy Educator has provided information on the energy systems and how they work together, he or she needs to provide training on the benefit of maintaining those systems. A car that can get 50 miles per gallon will not be able to realize that great fuel mileage if the tires are flat.With the coming cold weather, the Jones’s decided it was time to finally have insulation installed under the floor. Their feet have been cold long enough and warming their feet was contributing to huge increases in their power bill. Insulation was installed under the floor, but the foundation vents were not repaired which allowed critters to enjoy the newly insulated underfloor as well. As the critters rearranged the insulation, placing a lot of it in the dirt, most of the benefit of installing insulation was lost by not properly maintaining both the insulation and the vents.One of the most important maintenance items is the heat pump. Households get lulled into a sense of having great energy efficiency once they have the benefit of a heat pump. The energy educators job is to provide information on the importance of having a Heating Contractor service the heat pump system once a year to get the most energy efficiency from the heat pump every year. Once you get a Prius, don’t maintain it it like a John Deere and drive it like a Mustang.Not an easy job this thing called energy educator. The homes are all different and the household behaviors range from Covered Wagon to Queen Elizabeth. Energy Education remains the most cost effective measure available to both households and power providers for saving energy and increasing energy efficiency. How we live in our homes and how we react to our desired comfort level has a lot to do with the size of our power bill.So, how much does it cost to stand in a hot shower for an extra twenty minutes? Well, that depends. Fresh water from the hillside spring and a solar water heater, stand there until the clouds come over or the sun sets. But if your taking a shower in the drought region of Texas, pumping the water through a filter and then twenty miles uphill to a forty story high rise, don’t take a shower at all, stick to a sponge bath.